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Sustainability instead of disposable economy

Available in 4 colors: Pink, Mustard, Blue and Green
Bring your own foldable and collapsible cup everywhere you go. With a cup that can be folded to a slice, be one of the people who will be willing to bring reusable cups and reduce billions of disposable cups wasted every year.

The size of the cup is 8oz (236 mL), Height: 8.5cm and Weight: 23g

The 8oz kit includes: 1 Cup and 1 Cartridge

• Classy minimalist design

• Available in green, yellow, blue and pink

• Cup is made of 100% Food-Grade Polypropylene (PP5)

• Free of BPA, phthalates, plasticizers (SGS Certified)

• Safe for hot and iced beverages (0-120℃)

• Can be safely compressed

• Weighs less than 50 g

• Reusable up to several thousand times
• Reduces transport costs by up to 65%

• Made in Taiwan; Patented foldable design

• 100% Recyclable in the Philippines, No silicone parts


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