APR Course for Leader Trainers Badge 2022

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The CLT badge is now available for the first virtual - Asia-Pacific Regional Course for Leader Trainers.

The Forum logo is the facial profile with 30 circles signifying the virtual nature of the training course and the inter-connectivity of all Scout Leaders in the 30 member National Scout Organization of the Asia-Pacific Region.  

The World Emblem and the different sizes and colors symbolize the Region’s oneness, unity, and diversity.

Building resilience and adapting Scouting to changing realities

In February 2022, the Asia-Pacific Regional Course for Leader Trainers brought 57 selected participants from the 30 National Scout Organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region to build resilience and contribute in shaping the future of over 35M Scouts across the Region. 

The Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference, Youth Forum, and Course for Leader Trainers will be the largest convened in more than 60-year history events. A platform that can manage thousands of participants to play an active role in shaping the region’s standards, policies and align the shared goals to the World Scout Movement. The theme “Adapting to the Changing World” reflects the ability of NSOs in the region to welcome change and their resilience to adapt Scouting to changing realities. It challenges young people and participants to bridge the gap and connect in their communities and across borders between National Scout Organizations, emphasizing the Region’s oneness, unity, and diversity.


  • Size: 8.2 cm or 3 inches diameter
  • Type: Full embroidery with hot cut edge
  • Heat seal backing
  • Brand: World Scout- APR Scout Bazaar