APR’s Coffee Table Book - The conference journey, transition and growth of the Region from 1.1 Million in 1958 to over 30 Million today.

by Cecille Tan



Available in 2 types (Hardbound and Softbound copies)  
A new book from the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee is released! Transitions: 25 Years of Asia-Pacific Scout Conference was launched before the opening ceremony of the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference on 15 October 2018 in Manila. 

The coffee table book highlights the periodic conferences that have been meeting regularly since 1958, reflecting the journey, transition and growth of the Region from 1.1 Million in 1958 to over 30 Million today. 

The publication shall stand as a tribute to the countless men and women whose belief in Scouting has built up a strong, united and vibrant Scout Movement in Asia and the Pacific. Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee Chairman Paul D. Parkinson and Regional Director Jose Rizal C. Pangilinan awarded the first three signed copies of the coffee table book to World Scout Committee Chairperson Craig Turpie and WOSM Secretary General Ahmad Alhendawi.

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Ready for 2022: 27th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference

by Cecille Tan


Building resilience and adapting Scouting to changing realities

In February 2022, the 27th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference will bring together delegations from 30 National Scout Organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region and partners to build resilience and contribute in shaping the future of over 35M Scouts across the Region. 

The Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference, Youth Forum, and Course for Leader Trainers will be the largest convened in more than 60-year history events. A platform that can manage thousands of participants to play an active role in shaping the region’s standards, policies and align the shared goals to the World Scout Movement.


The theme “Adapting to the Changing World” reflects the ability of NSOs in the region to welcome change and their resilience to adapt Scouting to changing realities. It challenges young people and participants to bridge the gap and connect in their communities and across borders between National Scout Organizations, emphasizing the Region’s oneness, unity, and diversity.

Show your involvement to the World Scouting in the region.   Shop the Conference Scouting materials @scoutbazaar.com.  Various merchandise is now available to process your pre-orders! Reserve yours now and get a huge discount...

27th APR Conference badge

Voila! Scouting event will not be complete without the symbolic “Badge" 

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The snappy Conference Neckerchief at this regional event.

The scarf is bordered with "Creating a Better World in the Asia-Pacific Region" featuring the embroidered conference logo representing the 30 National Scout Organizations.

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Not just a simple Souvenir but a collector’s memorabillia for the first ever virtual Conference convened in more than 60 years of Scouting in the region.

Conference Shirt 
Good T-shirt gives us good feelings... Rock your world with our hippie shirt for the 27th APR Scout Conference and radiate your good vibes with other Scouts!


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While we are on #ScoutingfromHome, a great walk outdoor -- after a day's walk everything has twice its value, G.M. Travelyan                                                                           

"Good t-shirt always brings good feelings."

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2021 Jamboree on the Air - Jamboree on the Internet: JOIN US!

by Cecille Tan


JOTA-JOTI (Jamboree on the Air - Jamboree on the Internet) is the world’s largest digital Scout event taking place online and over the air. The educational event brings together more than 2 million Scouts every year in October for a weekend of Scouting and friendship. Young people can learn about communications technology and connect with fellow Scouts from over 171 countries.

JOTA-JOTI is about the 21st century skills you can learn in Scouting and the values of global citizenship. The event is open to Scouts around the world, enabling young people to connect and communicate with each other using the Internet and amateur radio. JOTA-JOTI engages youth in educational activities that build teamwork, cross-cultural understanding and skills for the future.

This year JOTA-JOTI will take place from Friday, 15 October to Sunday, 17 October 2021, and will focus on the theme of sustainability and Scouting's global contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Buy the 2021 JOTA JOTI latest T-shirts as we participate to this year event. 

Connecting Scouts from around the world with Scouting elements!  

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ECQ Advisory for Philippines Customers

by Cecille Tan

Due to the implemented ECQ in the National Capital Region, we have been receiving a ton of inquiries regarding our operation in Manila.

To save you the trouble, we are pleased to let you know that YES, WE'RE OPEN and business as usual APR Scout Bazaar are accepting and processing orders online through scoutbazaar.com 

For information don't hesitate to message us on our FB page for immediate assistance. Please also note that there might be slight delays in the fulfillment due to heightened restrictions. Rest assured our Team is trying our best to serve your Scouting needs.

Keep Safe Everyone!

A Decade of Messengers of Peace in the Region 2011 - 2021

by Cecille Tan


Celebrating the 10 years journey of Scouting in promoting the initiatives of Peace. The Asia-Pacific Region hold the first ever virtual MoP conference to recognize the outstanding contribution made by Scouts in their respective communities. 

To promote, inspire and encourage more Scouts to initiate Peace actions, Scout Bazaar released various merchandise as event souvenir item

SB%20Blog%202.png?1624512224105Wear your Scouting style!

Shop the Messengers of Peace latest T-shirts as we celebrate. 

We have various designs that you can choose from.

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                                    Not just a simple Souvenir but a collector’s memorabillia

                   Voila! Scouting event will not be complete without the symbolic “Badge"                                                                            Get yours while supply lasts… 

All items are carefully made with intricate details in embroidery, signifying the wonderful journey of Peace in a decade, and beyond.  

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FOUNDERS DAY MEMORABILIA: 164th World Scouting Founder's Day (1857 - 2021)

by Cecille Tan

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In celebration of the 164th World Scouting Founder's Day  (1857 - 2021), APR Scout Bazaar is releasing 164 pieces of limited edition metallic gold ceramic mug  to commemorate Founder's Day.  

The mug is coated with metallic gold that is best suited for fantastic dye sublimation results.  The portrait print and press lettering are best for its vintage look, making the Lord Robert Baden Powell special mug a perfect memorabilia!

What is more special on these mugs, it will have a 12-digit alphanumeric serial numbers that corresponds to the mug number of 164, that is significant as memorabilia for the collectors.

First 4 digit - represents the year 2021  
Second 3 digit - represents the 164th year celebration Third 2 Letter BP - stands for Baden Powell who is known to all Scouts
Last 3 Digit - the number of mugs produced (001 - 164)

Mug specification:

Glossy ceramic mugs with metallic gold finish for dye sublimation
Capacity: 11oz.
Available in metallic gold
Dishwasher safe and microwave safe
Lead free
For use with a Mug Press Packed in individual box

The Gold mug is USD 5.00/ per piece or Php 250/ per piece exclusive of shipping charges

This is a first come first serve basis,.  The special numbers  1 to 10, 21, 25,50,51,75, 99, 100 will be for auction that will start on 22 March, if you have any other special number requirement please contact info@scoutbazaar.com or you can send a message to our APR Scout Bazaar Facebook page for immediate assistance. 

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10th APR Scout Leaders' Summit Badge

by Cecille Tan

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10th APR Scout Leaders' Summit Badge

 In the history of Asia-Pacific Regional Summits, this is the first time the summit is held virtually. The global pandemic made us live to physically distance from each other, yet technologies allow us to remain digitally connected. This is where Scouting never stops and rather became responsive to the situation in engaging young people as well as adults and doing it best to be active.    To capture this historic moment, keeping the tradition in place ,  the event badge for  10th APR  Scout Leaders Summit  is produced and available on line on ScoutBazaar.com


Embroidered Badge with purple cloth background for the 10th APR Scout Leaders Summit



3.5 inches 


Design Concept and its Meaning:

In the face of global pandemic the spirit of Scouting never stops. The logo shows the signal to connect Scouts from different directions and locations ( 4 directions in APR: North, South, East and West with young people) through digital platform with WOSM Emblem.While the waves and seas symbolizes the sub-regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania.


The first 250 Badges are available for all the Summit participants at the rate of:


Price: USD 2.00 per piece for each participant

         Bundle of 5 for USD 9.00 @ 1.80

         Bundle of 10 for USD 14.00  @ 1.40

For Summit Participants, you may contact cecille@scout.org to process the order or simply click 'ASK A QUESTION" for the promotional code

Another 250 Badges are available for the Badge Collectors and others (non-Summit participants) as commemorative souvenirs at the rate of:


         USD 3.00 per piece for non – participant

         Bundle of 5 for USD 14.00 @ 2.70

         Bundle of 10 for USD 25.00 @ 2.50

         Bundle of 50 for USD 100.00 @ 2.00


Note: All prices are exclusive of courier services.

Scoutbazaar Users Important Advisory

by Thomas Antonio

Hello Fellow Scouts, 

Greetings from APR Scout Bazaar!

We are delighted to inform you that we have our new enhanced our website for Scouts to make your virtual shopping more convenient and easier! We have provided you a new look, improved capabilities with added security features to meet your Scouting needs.

Visit www.scoutbazaar.com for more details. For existing users, please be advised that to access your account you need to reset your password. Kindly click the link below!  



For new users, we are providing you a hassle-free single log on access using your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Gmail) to sign up. Please click on My Account section on Scoutbazaar website.

To experience this change, please visit us at www.scoutbazaar.com. See you there! For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail us at (info@scoutbazaar.com). You may also reach us at our Facebook page APR Scoutbazaar for real-time response. 

Thank you and Best Regards.

Scouts Team

No Credit Card, No Problem!

by Cecille Tan

If you want to purchase items in the Scoutbazaar, but you don’t have any credit or debit card with you, PayMaya has got you covered!

Here are the simple steps so you can get started:


Once you have registered to PayMaya, here are some steps for you to add funds:    

            ·         Log into your PayMaya App. 

            ·         Tap “Add Money”. 

            ·         Select the Add Money Partner of your choice. 

            ·         Follow the instructions given from the Add Money Partner of your choice.


To use PayMaya's virtual card:

 To use PayMaya’s virtual card, upgrading to PayMaya Pro is required.


                       CLICK HERE for further information about upgrading your account  

                       CLICK HERE if you’re a student and would want to upgrade your account to PayMaya pro.

Here are the PayMaya Money Partners supported:          


Here are the PayMaya Money Partners supported:To find out more, CLICK HERE


You’re almost there! Here are the steps after you’ve loaded your PayMaya account:

  1.       Put all items you wish to purchase in cart.


     2.       Once you are done, click “Checkout”


      3.       Fill out the shipping address.


        4.       You may login to Paypal or pay using a credit card or debit card.


           5.       Use your debit card number provided by PayMaya.


             6.       Payment complete.


There you have it, if you need scout equipment ordered online, you don’t need to do anything fancy—all you have to do is register to PayMaya and the rest is easy!

Fold-and-Fold Cup

by Cecille Tan



Available in 4 colors: Pink, Mustard
Blue and Green
Bring your own foldable and collapsible cup everywhere you go. With a cup that can be folded to a slice, be one of the people who will be willing to bring reusable cups and reduce billions of disposable cups wasted every year.
The size of the cup is 8oz (236 mL), Height: 8.5cm and Weight: 23g
The 8oz kit includes: 1 Cup and 1 Cartridge
• Classy minimalist design
• Available in green, yellow, blue and pink
• Cup is made of 100% Food-Grade Polypropylene (PP5)
• Free of BPA, phthalates, plasticizers (SGS Certified)
• Safe for hot and iced beverages (0-120℃)
• Can be safely compressed
• Weighs less than 50 g
• Reusable up to several thousand times • Reduces transport costs by up to 65%
• Made in Taiwan; Patented foldable design
• 100% Recyclable in the Philippines, No silicone parts

#FofocupScoutBazaar #ScoutsGoGreen