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Greetings from APR Scout Bazaar!

We are delighted to inform you that we have our new enhanced our website for Scouts to make your virtual shopping more convenient and easier! We have provided you a new look, improved capabilities with added security features to meet your Scouting needs.

Visit for more details. For existing users, please be advised that to access your account you need to reset your password. Kindly click the link below!

For new users, we are providing you a hassle-free single log on access using your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Gmail) to sign up. Please click on My Account section on Scoutbazaar website.

To experience this change, please visit us at See you there! For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail us at ( You may also reach us at our Facebook page APR Scoutbazaar for real-time response. 

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No Credit Card, No Problem!


If you want to purchase items in the Scoutbazaar, but you don’t have any credit or debit card with you, PayMaya has got you covered!

Here are the simple steps so you can get started:


Once you have registered to PayMaya, here are some steps for you to add funds:    

            ·         Log into your PayMaya App. 

            ·         Tap “Add Money”. 

            ·         Select the Add Money Partner of your choice. 

            ·         Follow the instructions given from the Add Money Partner of your choice.


To use PayMaya's virtual card:

 To use PayMaya’s virtual card, upgrading to PayMaya Pro is required.


                       CLICK HERE for further information about upgrading your account  

                       CLICK HERE if you’re a student and would want to upgrade your account to PayMaya pro.

Here are the PayMaya Money Partners supported:          


Here are the PayMaya Money Partners supported:To find out more, CLICK HERE


You’re almost there! Here are the steps after you’ve loaded your PayMaya account:

  1.       Put all items you wish to purchase in cart.


     2.       Once you are done, click “Checkout”


      3.       Fill out the shipping address.


        4.       You may login to Paypal or pay using a credit card or debit card.


           5.       Use your debit card number provided by PayMaya.


             6.       Payment complete.


There you have it, if you need scout equipment ordered online, you don’t need to do anything fancy—all you have to do is register to PayMaya and the rest is easy!

Fold-and-Fold Cup

by Thomas Test 3

                                                                                                                                                                                2.jpg?1604407567348                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Available in 4 colors: Pink, Mustard
Blue and Green
Bring your own foldable and collapsible cup everywhere you go. With a cup that can be folded to a slice, be one of the people who will be willing to bring reusable cups and reduce billions of disposable cups wasted every year.
The size of the cup is 8oz (236 mL), Height: 8.5cm and Weight: 23g
The 8oz kit includes: 1 Cup and 1 Cartridge
• Classy minimalist design
• Available in green, yellow, blue and pink
• Cup is made of 100% Food-Grade Polypropylene (PP5)
• Free of BPA, phthalates, plasticizers (SGS Certified)
• Safe for hot and iced beverages (0-120℃)
• Can be safely compressed
• Weighs less than 50 g
• Reusable up to several thousand times • Reduces transport costs by up to 65%
• Made in Taiwan; Patented foldable design
• 100% Recyclable in the Philippines, No silicone parts

#FofocupScoutBazaar #ScoutsGoGreen

Puralytics Solar Bag


The patented, award-winning SolarBag produces safer, better tasting water than basic filtration products/water filters or chlorine tablets, using sunlight-activated nanotechnology to eliminate more contaminants than any other portable purifier.

It delivers the most protection and peace of mind – it eliminates contaminants other products cannot. This eco-friendly product is considered one of the Top 10 Best Green Energy Camping gadget inventions that allows you to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest without leaving carbon footprint.


#GreenEnergy #SolarGadgets #Ecofriendly #Scouts #Scout

Australian Bushfire Relief Badge

by Thomas Test 3

bush.jfif?1604405647399Bushfire Recovery Badge An initiative by Scouts Australia to reach out and show solidarity to our fellow #Scouts who were affected by the Australian bush fires. Key leaders in the region join in the call for support for Scouts Australia's Bush Fire Recovery Badge.

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3-PLY Washable Face Mask (Off-White/White)

by Thomas Test 3

The 3-ply reusable/washable cloth face mask is breathable and skin friendly, with contoured design using Neoprene Fabric (milky white, and off white). 

This type of fabric is recommended by the Department of Health of the Philippine government and declared safe to be used by individuals. 

For specifications, measurement of the mask is 5 inches high and 8 ½ inches wide.

To give it a Scouting feel in terms of design, you can find the WOSM emblem on the right side and WOSM brand on the left side, with a friendly elastic ear loop that perfectly fits well. 

The face mask is individually packed in a poly bag and perfectly fits for adult leaders and Scouts.

                         Get Your's Now!!!

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APR’s Coffee Table Book

by Thomas Test 3


Available in 2 types (Hardbound and Softbound copies)
A new book from the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee is released! Transitions: 25 Years of Asia-Pacific Scout Conference was launched before the opening ceremony of the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference on 15 October 2018 in Manila. 

The coffee table book highlights the periodic conferences that have been meeting regularly since 1958, reflecting the journey, transition and growth of the Region from 1.1 Million in 1958 to over 30 Million today. 

The publication shall stand as a tribute to the countless men and women whose belief in Scouting has built up a strong, united and vibrant Scout Movement in Asia and the Pacific. Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee Chairman Paul D. Parkinson and Regional Director Jose Rizal C. Pangilinan awarded the first three signed copies of the coffee table book to World Scout Committee Chairperson Craig Turpie and WOSM Secretary General Ahmad Alhendawi.

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