FOUNDERS DAY MEMORABILIA: 164th World Scouting Founder's Day (1857 - 2021)

by Thomas Antonio

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In celebration of the 164th World Scouting Founder's Day  (1857 - 2021), APR Scout Bazaar is releasing 164 pieces of limited edition metallic gold ceramic mug  to commemorate Founder's Day.  

The mug is coated with metallic gold that is best suited for fantastic dye sublimation results.  The portrait print and press lettering are best for its vintage look, making the Lord Robert Baden Powell special mug a perfect memorabilia!

What is more special on these mugs, it will have a 12-digit alphanumeric serial numbers that corresponds to the mug number of 164, that is significant as memorabilia for the collectors.

First 4 digit - represents the year 2021  
Second 3 digit - represents the 164th year celebration Third 2 Letter BP - stands for Baden Powell who is known to all Scouts
Last 3 Digit - the number of mugs produced (001 - 164)

Mug specification:

Glossy ceramic mugs with metallic gold finish for dye sublimation
Capacity: 11oz.
Available in metallic gold
Dishwasher safe and microwave safe
Lead free
For use with a Mug Press Packed in individual box

The Gold mug is USD 5.00/ per piece or Php 250/ per piece exclusive of shipping charges

This is a first come first serve basis,.  The special numbers  1 to 10, 21, 25,50,51,75, 99, 100 will be for auction that will start on 22 March, if you have any other special number requirement please contact or you can send a message to our APR Scout Bazaar Facebook page for immediate assistance. 

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