10th APR Scout Leaders' Summit Badge

by Thomas Antonio

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10th APR Scout Leaders' Summit Badge

 In the history of Asia-Pacific Regional Summits, this is the first time the summit is held virtually. The global pandemic made us live to physically distance from each other, yet technologies allow us to remain digitally connected. This is where Scouting never stops and rather became responsive to the situation in engaging young people as well as adults and doing it best to be active.    To capture this historic moment, keeping the tradition in place ,  the event badge for  10th APR  Scout Leaders Summit  is produced and available on line on ScoutBazaar.com


Embroidered Badge with purple cloth background for the 10th APR Scout Leaders Summit



3.5 inches 


Design Concept and its Meaning:

In the face of global pandemic the spirit of Scouting never stops. The logo shows the signal to connect Scouts from different directions and locations ( 4 directions in APR: North, South, East and West with young people) through digital platform with WOSM Emblem.While the waves and seas symbolizes the sub-regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania.


The first 250 Badges are available for all the Summit participants at the rate of:


Price: USD 2.00 per piece for each participant

         Bundle of 5 for USD 9.00 @ 1.80

         Bundle of 10 for USD 14.00  @ 1.40

For Summit Participants, you may contact cecille@scout.org to process the order or simply click 'ASK A QUESTION" for the promotional code

Another 250 Badges are available for the Badge Collectors and others (non-Summit participants) as commemorative souvenirs at the rate of:


         USD 3.00 per piece for non – participant

         Bundle of 5 for USD 14.00 @ 2.70

         Bundle of 10 for USD 25.00 @ 2.50

         Bundle of 50 for USD 100.00 @ 2.00


Note: All prices are exclusive of courier services.