No Credit Card, No Problem!

by Thomas Test 3

If you want to purchase items in the Scoutbazaar, but you don’t have any credit or debit card with you, PayMaya has got you covered!

Here are the simple steps so you can get started:


Once you have registered to PayMaya, here are some steps for you to add funds:    

            ·         Log into your PayMaya App. 

            ·         Tap “Add Money”. 

            ·         Select the Add Money Partner of your choice. 

            ·         Follow the instructions given from the Add Money Partner of your choice.


To use PayMaya's virtual card:

 To use PayMaya’s virtual card, upgrading to PayMaya Pro is required.


                       CLICK HERE for further information about upgrading your account  

                       CLICK HERE if you’re a student and would want to upgrade your account to PayMaya pro.

Here are the PayMaya Money Partners supported:          


Here are the PayMaya Money Partners supported:To find out more, CLICK HERE


You’re almost there! Here are the steps after you’ve loaded your PayMaya account:

  1.       Put all items you wish to purchase in cart.


     2.       Once you are done, click “Checkout”


      3.       Fill out the shipping address.


        4.       You may login to Paypal or pay using a credit card or debit card.


           5.       Use your debit card number provided by PayMaya.


             6.       Payment complete.


There you have it, if you need scout equipment ordered online, you don’t need to do anything fancy—all you have to do is register to PayMaya and the rest is easy!


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